VonHaus Upright & Handheld Stick Vacuum Review

After look back through my reviews, it’s occurred to me that this might be the first one I’ve done, not only about housework/cleaning, but specifically about a hoover.

You would think dedicating an entire post to a hoover is a hard thing to do-but trust me, once you read this one, and buy one (because you need this in your life), you’ll understand how amazing it is!


Firstly, lets talk about the weight of this thing.  It’s light-no it’s not just light, it’s so super light I genuinely didn’t think it was going to work.  I couldn’t understand how something so light, had such power behind it (according to the amazon reviews).
In actual fact, it’s so light, and the power is so strong, that it makes the body of the hoover kick out slightly before you have even begun.

vonhausThe capacity in the cylinder is a pretty good size, and the filtration system is excellent-collecting even the smallest of dust particles-which is particularly handy for those with allergies.  What’s more, it has a pretty lengthy cable, enabling you to get on and clean different parts of the house without having to stop and unplug constantly.  It’s been a life changer with regards to cleaning my tiles kitchen floors, as the upright I used to use seemed to chuck bits out of the back rather than hoovering them up.

It has a adjustable handle, that comes off at the push of a button, meaning you then are left with a handheld vacuum-with the same amount of power-seriously, this has been a life changer for my stairs (and my hands-which usually are balancing an upright hoover on the steps, while I clean with a nozzle).

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It actually comes with two attachments and an extension hose for the hand held part-both with brushes on the end-although one can be flipped up so it doesn’t have the bristles face down.

This particular hoover comes with a 2 year warranty, and-here’s the best part-it’s only £29.99!!!  Head over to Amazon to find out more!


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