Vremi-Whistling Kettle & Silicon Ice Cube Trays-Review & Giveaway

Recently we were sent some kitchen products from Vremi-an old style whistling kettle and some silicon ice cube trays.


Who are Vremi?

A brand that began with kitchenware-Vremi are slowly expanding, bringing different products for all rooms of your house.

Their products are affordable, high-quality, user-friendly and fun-yes fun!
I’ll explain more…..

When was the last time you opened a box and stopped to look properly at the pictures and writing?

The packaging Vremi have designed for each of their products will make you look twice (or more),  The ice cube tray packaging especially for me, had me wandering around the house showing my husband the various quips I was reading-they really add something special to the product.


What we were sent.

Pinkies Up Whistling Tea Kettle

VremiRemember popping round to your Nan’s house when you were little, and, after she got you a juice, she’d get your parents a hot drink-made with the old whistling kettle on the stove?
This beautiful product gave me all the nostalgia feels, even down to remembering my Grandparents rushing to the noisy boiling kettle, or not getting their quick enough, and telling it to ssh as they hurriedly removed it from the heat.

Ours came in a beautiful bright shiny red colour-and also comes in silver.

The box, as I mentioned earlier, had little quips around it-“Mind Your Teas & Thank You’s”, and ” You’re Just My Cup Of Tea”.

We found out pretty quickly, the whistle of the boiling kettle is higher pitched, the more water that you put in-something I think my late Grandparents would’ve been able to advise me on!

Fully filled, the kettle holds enough for 8 cups, and can also heat water with loose tea or tea bags in.

The Pinkies Up Whistling Kettle is available over on Amazon HERE, for £14.99*!

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Straight Chillin’ Ice Cube Trays

If you know me, you’ll know;

  • I love ice in all cold drinks-I rarely don’t have any in the house, and I buy a bag from my local supermarket a week.
  • hate ice cube trays.  They take ages to freeze and the ice cubes are teeny tiny so I need loads.

So receiving these silicon ice cube trays intrigued me-I’d never had silicon ones before and didn’t hold out much hope of them being my cup of tea (kettle pun right there).

VremiIt turns out I was converted within three hours-because that’s the time between me filling them, popping their little lids on, and getting myself a drink that obviously needed ice.

The ice cubes are huge for starters-seriously, normal people would only need one (obviously I have four), and they’re super easy and quick to refill and freeze!

Needless to say, this weeks food shop was minus a bag of ice!!!

The trays came in blue and green, and as I said before they are made of silicon with plastic lids, and they’re not just for freezing water for drinks-try the trays for storing and preserving small portions of leftover juice, wine, sauce, iced coffee, baby food and more!

You can also find these cool products (see what I did again there?) over on Amazon HERE for £11.99*.


Now you could be in with a chance of winning a whistling kettle AND the silicone ice cube trays!

Just enter using the Gleam app below!


Win a Vremi Kettle and Ice Trays #7


*All prices are subject to change-prices correct as of 29/09/2017



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We were sent these products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review-all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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4 thoughts on “Vremi-Whistling Kettle & Silicon Ice Cube Trays-Review & Giveaway

  1. Nickie Sword says:

    A whistling kettle always brings back memories of my great gran as she had a whistling kettle. I’d love to hear that sound again. Thank you for the wonderful competition

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