Introducing~The Wild Card! New Boomf Cards-Review & Giveaway!

Let me introduce you to the brand new way to send Happy Birthdays, Congratulations, or a way to just say SURPRISE!!!  With the Boomf brand new WILD CARDS!!


As you can see, there are 8 brand new, kid friendly cards for you to choose from-each with their own little characters!  A fox, monkey, dog, cat, robot, frog, unicorn and tiger-something for everyone!

We were so lucky to have been sent the fox before the product was officially launched-so we could, see how the children reacted to it, their thoughts on the character, to send feedback back to Boomf!

WildWildWe LOVED our fox-the children were so surprised when they opened the packaging (obviously Mummy and Daddy didn’t spoil the fun beforehand, so they had no idea what they were opening).  Frankie the fox, bounded onto our carpet, much to the shock and amusement of both of them!

Following the unveiling, Olivia spent a large amount of time, pushing him back down flat, and letting him bounce back up!

The cards are available on the Boomf website HERE, and at only £7.99 are really the best addition to a little one’s celebration!  Just imagine their faces when a pretty unicorn, or fun robot, bounce out of the envelope!

Head over to the website, to order yours, and don’t forget to video your little ones opening them, and send them over to Boomf via their Facebook page (HERE)-they really love seeing all the customers reactions!

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68 thoughts on “Introducing~The Wild Card! New Boomf Cards-Review & Giveaway!

  1. Moomin says:

    My kids would love to get their Daddy one of these for his special birthday coming up soon. The difficult part is getting them to decide which one! x

  2. Jo Carroll says:

    These are fab. Cards usually end up just sitting on the fireplace being pretty much ignored after the 5 second opening so it’s a very creative idea and I’m sure they’d get lots more attention.

  3. Rose Gardner says:

    These cards are fabulous, I have three grandchildren and they would adore these cards. Since reading about them I have been online trying to find them in Canada, to no avail.
    Well done you for creating such “spring away” cards.

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