Write A Letter Day-National Stationery Week


Today is Day Seven-and the last day of National Stationery Week!

Just in case you didn’t catch yesterday’s National Stationery Week post for Signature Saturday, have a nose HERE
Throughout this week, I’ve been sharing a post a day on here, with some of my top choices for your stationery needs, and some of our family favourites!

Today’s theme is Write a Letter Day!!!

Kye has been alongside me on the majority of these posts.  When he heard about the plans I had for each theme, he asked to be involved.  Today, Write a Letter Day would’ve been relatively boring with my kind of letters, as the only people I write to are to do with bills!
Because of this, Kye very kindly offered to write a letter to coincide with today’s theme!

Using these Edding pens, he wrote me a lovely letter about what he liked about me!


He likes to write in lots of different colours, so four pens from Edding were used for this creation!

Those who have children at school, will know how much effort goes into teaching handwriting skills, so a good pen is  a must!


First up is this Handwriter Pen.   They are available in blue, but Amazon currently have two black ones for £5.29*(plus delivery) HERE!










Next up is this Purple Fineliner.  Currently available for £4.85* from Amazon, you can find them HERE.





He also used this Edding Crystaljelly Pink Pen.  That’s also over on Amazon, but you can actually get a pack of 7 different colours for only £9.09*!!!!  Click HERE to buy them!

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And finally, he used this Colourpen Fineliner in green!  Brace yourselves because the pack these come in is HUGE!  For only £18.81* you get 20- yes 20 assorted coloured pens!!!  Click HERE to head over to Amazon to see!!!!



So that’s it from us on this years National Stationery Week!Thank you to the partners and companies who sent us samples and products to include in the posts we’ve put on the website this week-we hope we’ve done you proud!


Don’t forget, you can still get involved with National Stationery Week!  Grab your favourite stationery and get creating!!!!  For more inspiration, head over to the National Stationery Week website HERE!


*Prices correct as of 29/04/2017-subject to change.
Please note I was sent these stationery products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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