Xupo-Find, Track, Secure, Anything. Bluetooth Key Finder Review


I am one of the most organised people, I know.  I always know where I’ve got to be and when, I’m on time, the kids have what they need for their days, and I make lists about lists.

The only thing I manage to always fail at, is making sure I know where my keys are.  I know, I know, they’re way to important to be leaving laying around in random places-and I’ve never actually “lost” them-I just misplace them a lot a fair amount.

So when I was sent the Xupo Bluetooth Key Finder to review, I had a feeling we were going to get on like a house on fire….


XupoWhat is the Xupo Bluetooth Key Finder?

Developed in Britain, the Xupo was first seen on Dragons Den!
Enabling you to find your belongings and track where you last had them, this little gadget isn’t just for keys!
Connect one to purses, bags-anything easy to misplace!  It’s basically ‘Find my iPhone’ for everything that isn’t your iPhone!

You just download the Xupo app, and call the Xupo-which emits a ringing noise, enabling you to locate the noise and then your belongings!
The Xupo also acts as a phone finder-using the call-it feature, you can locate your phone too!


My Xupo

XupoInitially, I had thought about attaching the Xupo to my kids bags, or my husbands keys, so I could see how far and how accurately the app could track it.  However, upon realising that it emits a noise when you press the “find it” option, I didn’t think that would go down too well with my kids teachers,or my husbands boss.

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Instead, I spent time leaving it in places when I went out, and seeing how far I could go without it messing up-it never did.  It always registered were it was, and, on one occasion where I’d left it at home to go to an event further away, the children spent a large amount of time hunting it down when I’d pressed the button from my phone.


How Much Is The Xupo?

At £20, this teeny gadget (smaller than a 50p) is well worth the money-if only for peace of mind that you can find your items when you misplace them.

It’s available over on Amazon HERE, and you can find out more information on it over on the Xupo website HERE.


Your Chance To Win One!

I’ve been given the opportunity to run a giveaway for you to win your own Xupo!

To enter, use the Gleam widget below-winners will be announced on my social media pages (so make sure you’re following me on those), after the closing date.  T&C’s apply.

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61 thoughts on “Xupo-Find, Track, Secure, Anything. Bluetooth Key Finder Review

  1. Charlie Brunton says:

    My fiancé could definitely use this! I’m sure a day has never passed where he hasn’t forgotten where he put his keys down!

  2. Deborah Clarke says:

    I’m always locking myself in the house as I can’t find my keys lol. This would come in very handy count me in please

  3. Paul Ballantine says:

    This is a great little gadget.
    I’d know where the wife is when I’m sitting in the metrocentre shopping centre waiting for her 🙂

  4. Jenny Rogers says:

    This would be great especially when I am packing the car to go away. I tend to put my keys down in very random places and then can’t find them just as I am – finally – ready to leave.

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