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Yesterday I attended a champagne breakfast, hosted by Yours Clothing, to introduce their new web app, “Test a Tattoo”!IMG_7705

The breakfast was held in Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in London, and I arrived, stupidly, but not unusually for me, early for the 9am start.



I was shown into the most beautiful room, with a massive array of plants, and the most charming selection of mixed fabric chairs, around a set, intimate table ready for myself and our fellow bloggers arrival.IMG_7734


After a rather shaky start when I was asked to choose a chair, and I may as well have been asked to choose the last box in a game of Deal Or No Deal, I found my seat, and, after being handed a glass of champagne, awaited the arrival of the other guests.




IMG_7737Soon we had all arrived, and set about eating the glorious breakfast food laid out on the buffet table at the end of the room.

While we ate, we shared stories of our personal lives, discussing everything from tattoos (obviously), to Disney films, and Netflix series.



Shortly after we were joined by a special guest speaker-Barbara from Parlour Tattoo in Shoreditch*.
Barbara started tattooing at a young age, practising at first, on her friends, family (and4B1C7120 sometimes herself!).  6 years into being a professional tattooist now, she holds classes to teach and inspire the future generation of tattooists.


During the morning, Barbara handed round her book of artwork, which were jam packed with the most amazing drawings, she’d designed herself.  We then took turns flicking through the pages, jumping with excitement every time we saw a character or design that we loved.  It’s very lucky Barbara hadn’t decided to come and actually tattoo any of us there and then, because we’d all have come away covered!

We then got the opportunity to design our own tattoos, and upload them to the app.4B1C7241
Now as my close friends and family will know, I’m not even slightly artistic.  I did the best I could-which really wasn’t good enough to be honest!!!
Barbara then did some drawings on a couple of the ladies in the room, and we got to witness for our own eyes, the talent she has during creating her artwork.

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The Test-a-Tattoo app itself is super easy to use-there are instructions throughout-and the basis of it, is that it allows consumers to “test drive” a tattoo before actually going to get one.
Tattoo’s are a life long commitment, and the amount of people that go and get one without thinking it through properly are far higher than you’d think!

So the app is designed to make you “Think Before You Ink“!
You can basically design your own tattoo, whether that be on paper with your own free hand (if you’re more artistic than me), or using some of the templates and tools in the app itself (if you’re as artistically challenged as me).  You then upload it onto the site app, position it and save it.  You can even share it via social media with your friends and family.

Why not give it a go, click here on the Test a Tattoo link and create your tattoo today!





*To find out more about Barbara and the amazing tattoos she creates, click here.


Thanking Rebecca from Distilled for the invite to the press event, Rosie from Yours Clothing for the awesome goody bag, and Leonie for the photos she took during the morning!



Also thanking Alex from Better Together Home for being my blogging personality twin yesterday-it’s always good to click with someone at these events!


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