Zuru Shnooks ~ From Bubble To Best Friend!

We were super lucky to be sent some adorable little Shnooks to review!



So what are Shnooks?

ShnooksShnooksThey arrive in a kind of blister pack, which you have to “pop” to remove the Shnook!  Once you’ve got them out of the packaging, you give them a big old shake, and poof, they’re out, and 8 times bigger than they were inside the bubble!

Included with them is a comb, and other hair accessories, which you can use to style the long, fluffy, colourful hair!

There are six to collect!  They’re available at most toy shops-here’s the link to them at Smyths where you can get them for £7.99 each!


Olivia’s Verdict

ShnooksShe loved them!  After more ripping the bubble open than popping it, she got so into styling the hair, that she forgot she was sat on the kitchen floor!  I left her to her own devices and, although she appears to be having some issues pronouncing the word Shnook (seriously the attempts have been hilarious), she’s not stopped carrying her new friend around, and takes pride every time she shows me a new hair band or hair clip she’s put in the hair!



So what are you waiting for-head to your nearest toy shop, grab a Shnook, pop the bubbles, shake, and bring your new best friend to life!


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