Cure & Simple-Bacon Subscription Box Review

We were sent three packs of bacon-as part of a subscription box review from Cure & Simple!

Now, I know what you’re all going to think-a bacon subscription box?!  (Also-if you’re anything like me, you’ll also be thinking what a brilliant company name!)
Seriously-do not knock it until you’ve tried it!!!!!

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say I believed there were three types of bacon.
Smoked, unsmoked, and whatever they use in cafe’s and restaurants.
It turns out-there’s other varieties!!!!

Our ‘Cure & Simple’ Bacon Packs

The first pack we were sent was Original.
Dry cured with just a hint of sugar, this was probably the main one out of curethe three  we received that reminded us of the bacon we eat regularly.  Personally the sugar made all the difference to the taste for me.  It gave the bacon a sweetness that I’ve not noticed on any other kinds I’ve had.

The second pack was Bourbon.
This sweet tasting bacon reminded me SO much of american style I’ve had in a diner before.  Although there is a sweetness to it, there’s also a spice that comes out, reminding me a little of Italian meats.

The third pack was Old English.
Using galangal and caraway for this Old English Cure this was probably the most aromatic of all three packs.  It wasn’t easy to pinpoint the different flavours in this one, but it still had an incredible taste!


Plan Options

There are three options for the bacon box plans, all of which are £5.95 including delivery.  You can either sign up for a weekly delivery, a fortnightly one, or a monthly one.  You will always get a minimum of 8 slices per pack, and the bacon comes vacuum packed in strong cardboard packaging.

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The bacon really is such high quality, the delivery time is super fast, and personally I think well worth the £5.95!

There are so many other flavours on offer, and you can choose smoked or unsmoked, for each variety.  If you can’t decide you can even choose a mixed box!

All packs are full of premium back bacon, from outdoor reared pigs, and all rashers are air dried, with no added water.

For more information head over to their website HERE, and get ordering your bacon box now!


We were sent three packs of bacon in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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