Le Petit Ballon-Subscription Box Review

I was sent a wine subscription box from Le Petit Ballon to review.

Who are Le Petit Ballon?

A subscription box service sending monthly boxes of Sommelier wines, Le Petit Ballon, was founded in February 2011.
In every box you will receive two bottles of wine carefully selected by a former Sommelier Chef at The Ritz, tasting advice and super tips with handy posts and videos, and a magazine called The Gazette, which tells you everything you need to know about your bottles of wine.

For £24.90 per month, the bottles of wine you’ll be sent will be of great value from unknown vineyards.

For £39.90 per month, you will receive more prestigious labels, directed more at connoisseurs.

What was in my box?

leIn my box I received a red wine and a white wine.
The red, labelled Dipl le Mate was a Bordeaux wine from 2012.  I’m not usually a fan of red wine, and this wasn’t completely to my taste, but, the smoky hints were actually palatable and it was probably the nicest red I’ve ever tasted.
The white, labelled, Joesph Cattin was a riesling wine from 2015.  I love a white wine, but struggle to sometimes find one that isn’t too dry or sharp.  This bottle was incredible-the wine was really smooth and fruity and it’s definitely one I’ll use as reference for others now.

Unfortunately, this is the only information I have on the bottles I received, as  the box didn’t come with the magazine explaining my wine, or tips about how to taste them properly-unfortunate as I also had some issues with the delivery of my box.

I confirmed my order on the 31st of March, and received a dispatch email saying my wine was on my way to me, just under three weeks later.
A week later, I still hadn’t received the wine, so contacted the company.  There was no response via email, so I contacted the company via their Twitter page.  An immediate email was sent back to me, explaining the changeover of their logistics company-and that I would be receiving my wine very soon-something that confused me somewhat, as I’d received a dispatch email!
The following week, there was still no wine box, so I once again contacted the company via email, explaining that I still hadn’t received the product I was supposed to be reviewing, and that I would have to explain this issue in my blog post.
I got an email straight back, apologising, and was told the wine would be sent the day after (so it still hadn’t been sent up to that date).  I was also sent £10 credit into my Le Petit Ballon account, for me to get a complimentary extra bottle of wine.
After logging onto my account, and adding the cheapest bottle of wine, I was then charged the delivery fee which I had to pay for myself-making that complimentary bottle not so complimentary after all-the company refusing to waver it as it was a standard charge.

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My box finally arrived two days later, and as I’ve already mentioned, the bottles were the only thing in there.
(The “complimentary” bottle still hasn’t arrived as yet).

All in all, I’m really quite disappointed with my service from this company, however the wine was lovely!

This review is based on my personal experiences-yours may be slightly different-hopefully much improved.
If I was a paying customer, the issues I’ve faced would be even more unacceptable than they have been-but as a reviewer, you would think the company would try it’s best to show me the very best service.

If you’re interested in what Le Petit Ballon have to offer, head over to their website here.


I was sent this box of wine in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Le Petit Ballon-Subscription Box Review

  1. Le Petit Ballon says:

    Hi Mayflower blogs!
    Firstly, we’d like to offer our sincere apologies for the delays you experienced. We’ve taken steps to ensure that this won’t happen again and we thank you for your feedback. We’re a small company and are as honest as we can be with our customers. Unfortunately we did experience delays when we had our logistic company switch over, but we are continually working to ensure that our process runs as smoothly as possible. That being said, we’re very happy you enjoyed the wines and hope that you’ll try us again in the future!
    Le Petit Ballon UK

    • admin says:

      Hi Le Petit Ballon!

      Thanks for your response. I try and be as honest and unbiased as possible regardless of receiving the product for free and, yes I did have those issues but I do believe you’ve taken steps to rectify those. And I did enjoy the wine so thank you for the opportunity to review your products.

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