Rainy Day Subscription Box-Review

We were sent a subscription box from the Rainy Day Box!
(I say we, but it was obviously more for the children.)

Who are Rainy Day Box?

Founded by Mum of two, Aly, the Rainy Day Box was created during a winter when Aly’s eldest son, Kit, was 3 years old.  She made him an entertainment box inspired by her childhood.
Deciding she wanted all Mums to make wonderful memories with their children, she created the Rainy Day Box, which she hopes will make rainy days a little easier, and a time to look forward to, with the contents of your own box.

rainyWhat was in our box?


We received a Grow and Learn Rainy Day Box, which was filled with great activities for the



rainyrainyThere was a retro game for us all as a family to play, called The Beetle Game.  We all enjoyed it, and, even though usually, Olivia being the youngest has a detrimental effect on how much she wins games, she actually managed to beat us all on her first go!

We also received a rainyrainypack of Shortbread mix, which the children had so much fun making.  Everything you need is in the pack, we just had to add a little bit of butter-there’s even a cutter included.


There were also some stickers, a peg bug kit and a cress kit.

Olivia was straight in there with the stickers-they were stuck on every surface in my house within minutes, and we haven’t had chance to do the peg kit yet.

The same day we made the shortbread, we had planned to do the cress kit too.  However, my only negative for the contents of our box, is that the cress kit is a very long winded activity, and not actually possible to do on one rainy day.

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The planter that needed to be made, needed painting, leaving to dry, gluing and leaving to dry again, before any cress seeds could be planted-something my 7 year old and 3 year old wouldn’t have had the patience for.  They’re more the type of kids that want to get their hands in and do it all straight away.
Obviously other children may be OK with this activity-but we’re personally now planning on building the planter for them, so they can get on with planting the seeds themselves.

Aside from this, everything else was brilliant.

The website enables you to build your own box for only £10.99!  This box includes a total of 5 items, which you can then customise for a girl or boy.
There are also other varieties of boxes, starting at only £5.99 for a taster letterbox size box, going up to £11.99 for the Grow and Learn Box we received.

For more information, and other box options, head over to the Rainy Day Box website HERE!
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