Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Family Board Games!

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide is the last one of the week!  And I’m here to give you ideas for some great family board games!

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Trick or Treating with kids-to knock, or not to knock?

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner, and, as shops fill their shelves with sweets, costumes and decorations, I was wondering how many people actually agree with the idea of
Trick or Treating?


I take both of mine, just around my local area-we actually live in a nice part of our town, and we only go a couple of roads down, then back again-and the neighbours in our street really love getting involved with the little ones.

I asked some of my fellow bloggers what they thought about it-whether they do it, agree with it, or don’t! Continue reading

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Kitchen Essentials/Wish List

Today, I’m writing a Home Essentials post for kitchens, including things I already have,  but also things I’d really like!

All three of these things save money on electricity too, so they really pay for themselves in the end!
I have three things in my kitchen, and you’ll be surprised because they’re not everyone’s cup of tea (its not a kettle).
Slow cooker
I literally couldn’t live without my slow cooker.  I use it more than I use my microwave or oven!  I’m part of several hundred, (slight over exaggeration-  but it’s a lot) slow cooker groups on Facebook, and I’ve come to realise you can do A LOT in a slow cooker.
So much in fact, that I’ve ended up with two-one 6.5L one and one 3.5L one.
I love being able to stick a load of ingredients in, and hop off to the shops or school runs not worried about have to be back to get dinner on or stand over a hob.

I have really basic slow cookers at the moment, both are Supermarket own brand ones, but I thought I’d add a quick picture of my dream slow cooker, you know, just in case anyone wants to gift me an £80 at any point in the near future.  (It stirs itself people, come on!)


Crock-Pot 5.7L Autostir Slow Cooker



I hear you, I hear you-this isn’t classed as an essential in most people’s homes.  However, I have come to realise, this really is something we should all have.  It’s cheap to run, you can add whatever you like to what you make, so you know what’s going into your bread, and most importantly (to me anyway), you save money not buying tons of loaves each week (we eat a lot of bread)!

I’m on the lookout for a new bread maker, and have come across these-a new range of Breadmakers by Panasonic! Genuinely believing they only made TVs etc, I was interested to see they actually do a lot more, and these Breadmakers look amazing!

I couldn’t choose which one I wanted more, so here’s a screen grab of them all, and a link to their page for you to see for yourself!  Check them out HERE.

Breadmakers by Panasonic

And finally……A Steamer

Why did I not use one of these from the moment I became a grown up?
The amount of saucepans and hob space I need to cook the amount of vegetables my kids go through, and all that time I could’ve been using a three tiered steamer that also cooks rice, chicken and fish and!

I have a basic supermarket one of these too, and assumed they’re all pretty much the same, but how’s is for a dream steamer.


Philips HD Steamer

Those are my kitchen essentials, but I’m intrigued as to what yours are?

Let me know via the comments section or via my social media!


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It’s The Night Before Christmas (a poem for grown-ups)


It’s the night before Christmas, and all through the town,
Parents everywhere are close to break-down.
The stockings were hung earlier that night,
But now they’re back down and not feeling light.

The children are sleeping all warm in their beds,
While Mummy’s lists rattle around in her head.
While Daddy just stands there and looks at the mess,
Wondering what he can do for the best.

And then it is time to bring gifts out from hiding,
Put them all in one room, and begin the dividing.
Make a space for the ‘special’ ones, work out who’s whose,
When it all gets too much, ask the Daddy for booze.

The moon is threatening to turn into the sun,
Daddy bravely asks, are you nearly done?
When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,
The very last present, the end is so near!

With a tweak and a shuffle, a shove and a squeeze
The presents are balanced, afraid of a breeze.
A mobile is grabbed, a photo is taken
Share to all on Facebook, so no one’s mistaken.

Hey Dasher, Hey Dancer! Oi Prancer and Vixen!
Not sure of the others, maybe there’s Blitzen?
Any of you really, plus an elf would’ve been,
A welcome addition to this festive scene.

All is complete, the room is all ready.
Too much excitement, Mummy is heady!
The scene taken in one more time for effect,
It’s time now for bed, Daddy does not object!

Daddy takes no time at all to drop off,
While Mummy lays stiffly, not daring to cough.
She thinks about cold, winter days, long ago,
When Santa arrived, in his sleigh, through the snow.

His suit was all red, his hair big and curly,
His boots black and shiny, his build-rather burly.
A bundle of Toys he had packed in a sack,
That would sit in the sleigh, on the seat at the back.

His eyes-so enchanting! His face, always smiley!
His cheeks were all rosy, he acted quite shyly.
He ate the mince pie they left out on a plate,
Took the carrots to Rudolph and his reindeer mates.

Then all of a sudden Mummy stops day-dreaming,
The realisation hits, that familiar feeling,
Now it was them, her and Daddy each year,
Filling the children with such festive cheer.

They moan and they pout, through the month of December,
How stressful it was but they wouldn’t remember,
They’d moaned last year too, but on Christmas Day,
It all was forgotten, all gone away.

Yes, they’d done most of it, and yes they were tired,
But the effort put in should be admired.
The children would feel the magic once more,
All stress would be worth it (like the year before).

And now they had made that peace in their heads
They closed their eyes tightly and rested in bed.
To themselves they whispered as their eyes closed up tight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!”


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Almost 30…..


In exactly one week, I turn 30!

As a child, I used to imagine what it would be like to be 30.  I was like Jenna Rink in ’13 Going on 30′ (if you haven’t seen that film-you’ve missed out!)  I willed time to go faster, so I could experience life as an adult, and all the grown up things I thought I’d do.

Of course, as we all know now we are adults, it’s not all fun and games and really, we wish we’d been smaller for longer.


My son, currently aged 6, is constantly telling me how he “can’t wait to be a grown up”.  He wants to be able to play on the Xbox all the time and not be told what to do-I don’t have the heart to tell him its pretty much nothing like that!

The subject of turning 30 is a puzzling one.  On first thought its a daunting prospect, with so many deep, life relating questions you seem to ask yourself.  The main one, in my case, is whether I’ve achieved all I wanted to by the time I turned 30…..

  1. Children. I wanted kids.  One girl, one boy.  When I was a teenager, dreaming of my perfect, grown up life, I wanted one boy called Danny, and a girl called Leticia (yes really).  In actual “grown up life”, I have one boy (who’s not called Danny) and one girl (who funnily enough is not called Leticia!)
  2. Husband. I wanted the man of my dreams.  He didn’t have a face, not a definitive one anyway-but I have a feeling he looked something like the men on the posters on my wall-a mismatched version of celebrities and professional football players combined together to make THE perfect man.  (Please note, at no point did I dream of the word LOVE).  In actual “grown up life”, I have the man I LOVE.  He looks nothing like any of those men on my childhood bedroom wall, but he was my schoolgirl crush, my childhood sweetheart (who admittedly dated the majority of my friends before getting to me-but the course of true love, never did run smoothly, did it!)  He is the love of my life, my absolute best friend, and I cannot imagine life without him.
  3. A houseI wanted my own home, a house, with a garden and rooms for both my children (remember my one girl and one boy dream). In actual “grown up life”, I have a house.  Its not mine, we rent it, but its our home.  We’ve been here a year, the children have their own bedrooms, we have a garden (and a drive-get us!).  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in any of the homes I’ve lived in and right now, its perfect for our little family.
  4. To be Successful. I wanted a good career, savings, pennies in the bank, the ability to afford holidays for “my perfect” family and all the happiness money brings.  In actual “grown up life”, I am now a SAHM (stay at home mum).  I have very little in the way of savings, we’ve never had a family holiday (since before children anyway), and in the way of a career, I’ve so far not begun the “perfect job”.  I am, however, pretty happy.  Money is nice, savings would be lovely, and spare money to spoil the children with would be brilliant.  But we’re a happy family.  We pay the bills, we eat well, we enjoy our life, so what more can you ask for!
  5. To make my family proudI wanted to do things with my life that never brought shame or unhappiness to my family.  I wanted them to be proud of me, happy with my life choices.  My father, especially, I wanted to make proud the most.  He shaped me and made me the person I am today-I never wanted to make him sad, angry, ashamed or disappointed in me.  In actual “grown up life”, I can’t answer that can I?!  I can’t tell you if I’ve made them proud, only that I tried my very hardest to do so.  My dad, remains the driving force behind me trying to make something of my life.  I constantly think about what he’d say when I make decisions or life choices.  I’m no angel, I know I made some weird decisions as a child and teenager, and sometimes he would’ve been a little disappointed in how I dealt with things or paths I took, but I don’t think there was anything that would’ve made him ashamed of me.
  6. To be happy. I wanted to be happy. That’s that really!  In actual “grown up life”, I am mostly happy.  I touched on happiness in the “having money” part of this blog.  But that’s not all I need to make me happy.  I have two absolutely amazing children, who don’t stop making me proud and trying their hardest, day in, day out.  I have an amazing husband, who, for all his faults, remains my constant, my bestest friend in the entire world, who I share everything with, and laugh with (most of the time).  I have an amazing family, who I love and adore for their constant love and support.  I’m happy with decisions I’ve made, and paths I’ve taken.


All these things, all these mad dreams and ideas I had about being a grown up and the perfect life I was going to have, were pretty delusional when I look back as an almost 30 year old.  You cant look ahead 20+ years and map out who you’re going to be and what you’re going to be doing.  At that age, you don’t envisage, the crap challenges you’re going to face along the way.  You don’t know the people you’ll meet, the choices you’ll make, or most importantly, the person you’ll become.

What’s important, as we have these milestone birthdays, is that we’re content.  Content with where we came from, how we’ve lived so far, and how we plan for our future.

Turning 30 doesn’t scare me, upset me, or make me sad for what was.  It makes me excited about what’s to come.

love this need it for my birthday

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Adult Bullying-Words have Power

main bullying pic.gif

When we think of Bullying, what comes to mind?

For some, its the memory of being a child, being picked on for how they looked, how they acted, or how they learnt at school.

For others, it could be the memory of witnessing a fellow child at school being bullied.

How many of us see that word, ‘Bullying’ and see a group of adults, picking on a fellow adult?

When we think of bullying, usually kids in a playground come to mind, not adults,  neighbours or colleagues in a workplace. However, the young bullies of yesterday can (and do) turn into the adult bullies of tomorrow.


I could write a blog based on my own experiences and rant about how, even today, I still find myself the victim of adult bullies, who’s sole purpose is to bring me, and others down, to gain power over those that don’t “fit in”.

Instead, I decided to raise awareness of Adult Bullying, and give some tips and thoughts on what YOU can do, to cope with what’s happening.

  • Don’t bite. What bullies want is to see their words affect you.  They want a reaction from not only their victims, but from peers, friends, and family. It makes them feel powerful and successful. So if something gets said, don’t bite, keep your head held high and don’t let them see its affected you.
  • Remember its more about them than it is you. When someone says something mean to you, it isn’t a reflection of you, it’s a reflection of them. Most adult bullies, were either bullies as children, bullied as children, or have deep issues with their own personalities or looks.
  • Keep the faith. In time, people will see the bully for who they are.  It might take some time, but keep faith that one day, they will end up sad and alone, because people have seen the “true” them.
  • Understand, that just because words are said, it doesn’t make them true. The only person that knows you, is you!  The people talking about you, know nothing about you.  They’re working on the facts they’ve fabricated amongst their friends and in their own heads.  Just because they think you’re this, that and the other, it doesn’t make it true.
  • Talk to someone. This was a really important constant message I used to get told a lot as a child, and I think its important for adults too.  Talk to someone, anyone, about what you’re going through.  You’re never alone in what’s happening, someone either knows someone who’s been/is going through it, or has been through it themselves.


If it’s deliberately being done to hurt your feelings, it’s bullying.

If it’s meant to hurt you, then it’s bullying.

There’s no situation where bullying is acceptable.



You have more power in this than you think.  Use it!



Please see the following websites, helpline numbers are on there and advice for those in these situations.

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