Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Gifts for Boys Aged 7-10


It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is for Boys Aged 7-10!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Gifts for Preschoolers

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is for Preschoolers!

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Itty Bittys ~ Hallmark Cards ~ Product Review

We were sent this bundle of the cutest cuddlies we’ve ever seen, from Hallmark!


Hallmark are obviously one of the biggest suppliers of greetings cards, but now, they’re also selling these little cuties!


Created by Adan Chung-he began by sketching a quick interpretation of what popular characters could look like if they were just a bit “itty bittier”-which is where the products name “Itty Bittys” came from!
Soon, Adan’s simple-but-fresh portrayal of popular licensed characters inspired an entire collection that continues to grow.

With their small stature and super-cute style, they make the perfect gift or stocking filler. Even if it’s a treat for yourself itty bittys are perfect for every occasion. itty bittys may be small but there’s certainly a whole lot to love!

We were sent characters from Star Wars, along with a Flash (DC) and Dorothy (Wizard of Oz).

The children fell instantly in love with them-both insistent on taking them to bed with them-which was fine as Olivia only had Dorothy (although we did have two nights where she’d lob her down the back of her bed-and we’d be met with screeching until we retrieved her).  However, Kye took every Star Wars character and the Flash with him-meaning we were checking on him at our bedtime, but also needing to remove an Itty Bitty from underneath him, or on top of his face!


Itty Bitty Range


Including-Ariel, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Olaf, Sven, Elsa, Anna, Belle, The Beast and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Star Wars;

Including-Chewbacca, BB-8, C-3PO, Kylo Ren, R2-D2, Rey, Stormtrooper, Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, Han Solo & Princess Leia, Jabba The Hutt, Chief Chirpa and Wicket.


Spider-man, Ant-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Thor.

DC Comics;

Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Robin, Catwoman, The Joker and The Flash.

Superhero Girls;

Harley Quinn, Super Girl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman.


Fred Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles Flintstone and Dino.

Scooby doo;

Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

Wizard of oz; 

Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Glinda the Good Witch, Wicked Witch, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Flying Monkey and Toto.


Charlie Brown and Snoopy.


Blushing Bride and Charming Groom.


They really are adorable (the Itty Bittys not the children-they sleep like cavemen), and I can really see them being super popular, especially around Christmas time for stocking fillers.


You can buy these from Amazon-head over to HERE, and are also sold at Morrisons, Toys R Us and Co-op stores, nationwide!

IttyMayflower Blogs


We were sent these for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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#Blogtober ~ Day 12 ~ Love

Today is day 12 of Blogtober 2017, and definitely one of the easier themes to write about-Love.


I have a lot of loves in my life, not all of them people-some of them things-some of them material, some of them not.
All of them, however, give me the strength and positivity I need to get through even the toughest days. Continue reading

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The Panda Kids Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Review (from my 3 year old)


We were sent The Panda Kids Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow to review from My Panda Life.

I thought it would be fun to let Olivia review this one-so I asked her a few questions.

Do you like your new pillow?
Yes! (Lots of nodding came with this answer).

Do you find it comfortable?
Yes it’s lovely and comfy!

Do you sleep better when you sleep on your new pillow?
Ooh yes, it’s lovely and warm!

What’s your favourite thing about your new pillow?
I like that it’s comfy, and I like to lie on it, and it’s got a panda on it-I like that too!

From a grown ups perspective, it is pretty awesome!  She genuinely has slept better since we got it, and we’ve actually had lie ins from her for the first time ever!


(I’ll let you into a secret-she’s not actually asleep here-but is available for acting jobs!)

A little bit about the pillow.

pandaThe Panda Kids Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is made up of a single cut of the finest odourless memory foam.
The memory foam helps position the head and shoulders correctly, something that can’t be done sufficiently with normal, stuffed pillows.
There is a crescent bow in the centre of the memory foam pillow, which has been proven to help to fight against flat head syndrome.

Just like the adult pillow, this one also has a bamboo fibre cover, allowing the pillow to breath naturally.   Bamboo fibre has natural temperature regulating properties, which means it will keep your child cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

I’m pretty sure this has helped Olivia have a better nights sleep,because she does tend to overheat and is still at the age where regulating her own temperature isn’t possible.
pandapandaThe Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, which helps it resist mould and dust, therefore reducing allergy issues in small children.  IT also needs less washing, and when it does have to be washed, it can go on a 30 degree wash, takes half the time of regular cases to dry, and doesn’t wrinkle.

The pillow also comes with 10 years manufacturer guarantee and 30 night home trial too-so really, what are  you waiting for-head over to My Panda Life and buy one now!!!!


*Please note, I was kindly sent the pillow, free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Those 10pm Moments…..

One of my most favourite things to do-in days filled with school runs, housework, dinners, baths, keeping the kids alive, etc-happens at 10pm.

At 10pm, the husband and I drag our ridiculously tired selves to bed.  Now, as much as I love all that goes with bedtime, (the silence being one of the major loves of my evenings), it’s not quite up there with something else I do every night.


At 10pm, I head up to the top of the house to pay a visit to my biggest kidlet.
I un-ruffle the duvet from under and around his sleeping body, locate his favourite cuddly elephant, check he’s not too hot or cold and tuck him back in.
I then always stroke his face, smooth down his unruly bed hair, kiss his forehead, and tell him “Mummy loves you”.  Sometimes he murmurs a reply of “love you” back- other times he doesn’t stir, but I always say it anyway.


Shortly after, I go back down to the littlest kidlet’s room, where things are sometimes a little different.
80% of the time, she will tend to be somewhere else in her bed, in comparison to where I originally tucked her in a few hours ago.
Instead of angelically laying on her pillow, the right way up, she tends to be upside down, back to front, laying on top of the covers.
Because she’s not in the right place, more often than not when I go to move her, she stirs.  And, sometimes, following all of this, she also needs a cuddle.

Sleepy cuddles are definitely my absolute favourite type of cuddles.

All squishy and warm, their sleepy bodies mould into yours, and sometimes you hold them for so long (accidentally of course), that they fall back to sleep.
Just for a second, you’re transported back to when they were babies, and you rocked them to sleep when they were teething, poorly or generally unsettled.

Once resettled, the little lady’s cuddly is also located, her covers are tucked back in, her hair is smoothed and her cheek Is stroked.
A little more alert than her brother, we sometimes have sleepy conversations that more often than not, go exactly like this.

“Mummy loves you.”

“Olivia loves you.”

“Mummy loves you more.”

“Olivia loves you most.”

We leave it there with her thinking she’s won that battle of love declaration,  but obviously I know better.
These times, every night, when it’s just me and them-no noise, no worries and nothing to busy us, are so precious to me.


I sometimes find my mind attempts to lull me into being sad-into missing the baby cuddles, or worrying about the day I won’t get to do these sleepy little rituals with them.

Instead, I try and look forward to all the cuddles and sleepy conversations still to come.  The endless possibilities of hair smoothing, cheek stroking, and murmured “I love you’s”.

Then, I feel like the luckiest mummy on the planet-and look forward to 10pm the next night, once again.


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Today I’m Thankful For….. #5

I’ll be honest, today I struggled to find things I’m thankful for.
It’s not been a bad day as such, just a kind of nothing day where nothing much happened. I think I’ve scrambled three together though.


My resilient daughter

Seriously, this child.
She was definitely sent to try us, aside from her rather challenging behaviour, she’s  constantly poorly at the moment, and today it would appear she has come down with Hand Foot and Mouth (we think).  Coming up to three weeks in nursery now, she’s only had 3 days where she’s been free from illness, which is tough to watch, but she just gets on with it!  We think she probably started coming down with whatever this is on Friday, after we remembered today hearing her complaining about something hurting, that now has a spot on it.  She has spots on her hands and feet, and a mouthful of ulcers, but not once has she got upset, or fussed about any of these things!  She’s the same child i tell people about all the time, a story about when we viewed our current home; She was 18 months old, toddling around, and, as we viewed the kitchen, she’d climbed to the top of the first flight of stairs, fallen down them, got up at the bottom and run off.  She’s made of some kind of tough-stuff and I’m so thankful she never seems to suffer too much with things.

A Sunday lie-in
I can hear parents everywhere questioning what one of those is.  My kids never let us have one either.  Except for today, when my husband nudged me awake this morning, and whispered “it’s ten to 9!”
I turned over and didn’t even bother opening my eyes to acknowledge it-no sleep is ever enough for me-but just the thought that they’d both slept in, getting the rest their little bodies need after a horrible couple of weeks of being so unwell, made me so happy!
It also gave us the energy to be better parents (not that we’re not bloody marvellous anyway), more patient, happy, motivated parents, meaning we had happier more content children.  Even if this only happened this morning, and they’re both up at 5am tomorrow, we can at least remember it as the “Sunday that was”.

My dad
There’s already a blog about this amazing man, here-My Dad, but I very rarely write much regarding him in general.

At 61 years of age, he’s a massively successful man in his work as a child support worker and family liaison officer, a qualified counsellor, a loving Husband to my equally awesome Step-Mum, an amazing family man, and Grandad to his four Grandchildren.

Sometimes, I find, life just takes over a little. We get ill, then he gets ill, so we sometimes go for long periods of time not seeing each other, even though he’s only half an hour away.  He’s busy, working all week, and, I rarely get a weekend where we’re all free at the same time.  This doesn’t affect his relationship with me in the slightest.  He’s still attentive, caring and loving, and there’s rarely a day where we don’t speak.  His Grandchildren love him as much as anyone else in our family, and he and his Son-in-law (my Husband)  have an amazing bond too, which is all I can ask for really.

Recently, in events beyond my control, he’s been put through the mill a bit.  I worry constantly he’s not OK handling all the stress (even though he tells me he’s fine), and I get so angry with people taking advantage of his good nature.

He never loses it, he never gets angry or takes it out on me or anyone else, he’s always the same Dad to me he has been my whole life.
He’s proud of me and the things I’m doing and achieving.  He’s supportive of my decisions, and advises me when I need him to.  He listens to me while I rant for half an hour about something bugging me, then gives me the bang on the head I need to continue being strong.  His support knows no bounds, and I don’t think he realises just how much he is loved and respected, not just by me but by so many people.

I’m thankful because he’s my Dad.  And I’ll thank whoever or whatever gave me him for the rest of our lives.



So that’s all for today’s ‘thankful for’ post!  Don’t forget you can join in to!
You can go onto my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or comment at the bottom of this post to join in thinking of something you’re thankful for.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MFBthanful so I can find you easily too!


Xx MFB  xX

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Today I’m Thankful For #2

Good Morning!

I’ve had to double up on the thankful blog today-as I was too ill to blog yesterday during the day, and out at a press event yesterday evening.
So……today (and yesterday) I am thankful for;

My Bed
I was literally in it all day yesterday.  Trying to gain some energy or rid myself of some of these horrible symptoms of my yukky cold, before heading to the theatre for a press event last night.

My husband
Even though he feels rough too (and today is literally in the same position I was in yesterday), my husband pretty much gave up his day off yesterday, to have Olivia downstairs with him, to allow me to rest, and picking up and putting away the food shopping yesterday morning, leaving me stress free and relaxed to try and get better.


People who step up
This one is probably the most important-and more of an ongoing thankfulness really.

It’s dedicated to those select few, that, regardless of whether they have been given jobs, such as-maid of honour/godparent etc, they still step up and be those things.
I am so grateful for those that bother with my children, even though they’re not duty bound to, and those that are truly there for me and my family, regardless of whether they were given a role to do so.  You put others, who were supposed to step up, to shame.

My Job
Yes you read that-my job. Because what I do, to me, constitutes a job. It’s what I want to do, it’s what I love to do, and quite frankly it’s what I’m bloody good at!

I tire of having to explain to people why it is classed as a job, when they question how “easy” it is.

I love it, I work hard at it, and actually, the opportunities I get from it make the tiresome questions and constant explanations worth it.


That’s all for today folks.

Remember to join in with what you’re thankful for over on social media, tagging me, and using the hashtag #MFBthankful, or on here using the comments section at the bottom of the page.



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Panda Memory Foam Pillow Review

My Panda Life, sent me a memory foam pillow to review!*

Now, for anyone that knows me personally, you’ll know; a) that I don’t sleep well, and b) that I love sleep (when I actually manage to get some that is!)

So, because of this, quite obviously I jumped at the chance to review a pillow!


The pillow I was sent was the Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow.

This pillow has a triple layer moulded memory foam, and considering I’ve only ever had one layer of memory foam on my pillows, I had a feeling it was going to be pretty nice.  Nice was probably an understatement, because the second I got it out of the box, I could feel just how amazing it was.  Memory foam layers aside, the case in which the pillow itself is in, is just so soft and cooling, the first thing you want to do is lay on it (unless you’re a blogger of course, then the first thing you want to do is take photos of it for your upcoming blog review-then you can lay on it!)

The cover itself is has an antibacterial removable bamboo cover, which is easily removed for washing, and so silky to touch.
The pillow comes with t
emperature regulating technology which keeps the pillow cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of the breathable material of the cover.

I received the parcel containing my pillow in the morning, just as I was getting up, which made the temptation to go back to sleep, with said pillow, rather hard to ignore.  I managed to last until bedtime, when I decided to use just the pillow alone, without any others I usually use.
This turned out to be slightly detrimental to the reviewing process, because, I usually sleep with two pillows, and, because I chose to use just the one, I had an AWFUL nights sleep!

Thankfully, this wasn’t down to the pillow itself, and the following night I realised my mistake, added one of my own pillows underneath the new one, and tested it properly.

I would be the first to hold my hands up and say if it wasn’t working for me-I see no point in dishonesty, and people wasting their money on something that I didn’t truly recommend.  However, this pillow is SO worth the money and much more.  I’ve slept marginally better since I got it, but, the main improvement has been in my neck and back.  I used to have such a bad night, I’d wake up aching and sore the next morning, but since using the pillow I’ve not had one morning of waking up in pain.

Product InformationEnvironmentEasy

Something I know that’s really important to people, especially when buying something used so much, is product material and where it’s sourced.  So, another reason I recommend this pillow, is because it’s made from 100% bamboo fibre, which My Panda Life sourced from Southeast Asia.  Aside from the positive ecological aspects, the fibre was also chosen because of its sustainability and environmental benefits.  Panda products are designed to last, they’re easy to look after, and every item is finished to a really high detail.**

Price Information

I mentioned the money side of this pillow a moment ago, and I can guarantee you’re all thinking about how extortionate this pillow must be!

The pillow is currently priced at £34.99 which in my opinion is so affordable, especially when the pillow is this good!  Additionally though, I currently have a coupon code allowing you to get another 10% off of it, or anything from the online store!  MAYFLOWER
Just us this code at the checkout to take advantage of this discount!!!!!




The pillow also comes with 10 years manufacturer guarantee and 30 night home trial too-so really, what are  you waiting for-head over to My Panda Life and buy one now!!!!


**All Panda products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.  This global testing and certification system is the strictest in term of cleanliness and purity of products, ensuring they comply with health standards and are safe even for babies.

*Thank you to My Panda Life for the pillow to review!


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Elf on the Shelf-Day 11


Wow, what a morning!  

Aside from the large amount of washing I’ve got to do (thanks to the bedding being changed), it’s been a lovely relaxing morning of Christmas films and the children playing nicely.

Last night, while Daddy entertained the children downstairs, I (with lightning speed) went up and changed the children’s bedding to their Christmas duvets.  I put the new ones on, and then the normal ones over the top, the other way up, and the same with the pillowcases.  At 10, when me and hubs went to bed, we crept into their rooms, and, with ninja speed and teamwork, we pulled the duvets and pillowcases off, added an elf each to the end of the bed, and I quickly took pictures!  I was on edge, but it was actually quite easy!

IMG_7621         IMG_7620

This morning we got the best video reaction of Olivia literally just waking up, and just massively confused as to how she’d gone to bed with a Frozen duvet on, then woken with a Christmas one on!


Last year, the first person we videoed was Kye, because I went up to him first and he was still in bed.  This year however, Kye has been up since between 5 and 6 (I’m not happy about this obviously), and so he’d already seen his duvet change, over 2 hours before anyone else got up.  So this year, we videoed Olivia’s reaction instead and it was amazing!

I’ve also changed my bedding too (I always have to wait until the children’s ones are done), and I love my festive duvet set sooooo much!  It has the words to one of my favourite Christmas songs on, and I got it from Asda last year.  The cushion is from Poundland!!!  I couldn’t resist when I saw it matched!!!!



Tonight, we actually have a plan!!!!  We’re probably going to put some string around the house, for the elves to swing on, possibly attached to candy canes!  We must be mad!!!


Until tomorrow…….Elf you laterrrrr!

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