Reroom-Interior Design-Mermaid & Space accessories

Recently, I received a press release from a company called Reroom.  I always have a little mooch on the press releases, but never really respond to interior design/home interior releases, because I haven't really covered that kind of genre on my website before. It occured to me however, that before I wrote about most of … Continue reading Reroom-Interior Design-Mermaid & Space accessories


Playfoam Pals-Kids Toys from Learning Resources

We were lucky enough to be sent some of these awesome Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources. After the amount of children's television we watch, I'm surprised I haven't actually seen these advertised-I have a four year old who pretty much wants everything she sees, but she didn't know what they were either!   So what … Continue reading Playfoam Pals-Kids Toys from Learning Resources

early learning

Early Learning Books from It’s Your Story

We were really lucky to have been sent this beautiful bundle of early learning books from It's Your Story. Learning at home, is something that always has been really important to me-although we're not a Home Education family-my children both attend school and nursery, I still like to support their learning at home. We're now … Continue reading Early Learning Books from It’s Your Story