Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? I DO!

Have you ever been asked, what you’d do if you won the lottery?  
Not only have I been asked it often, but I think about the answer often.  That might sound sad, but in this messed up world we live in, and with my run of often less than great luck, daydreaming about becoming a millionaire and the decisions I’d make give me a much needed break from reality!

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Lottery Win-What Would You Do? UK Parent Bloggers

This week I have drafted in my blogger friends to add their opinions and thoughts on subjects I’ve chosen to write about.
Today is day 5, and the subject today (as you can see from the title), is;

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?!!!!! Do you have dreams of one day owning something special, or would you go mad and buy everything in sight?

Personally, I would clear my debts (which as you’ll see is a common answer unfortunately), buy myself a house and our parents houses, and go on holiday.  Further than that I have no idea!

Emma from would clear her debts and help her sister buy her first home.  Depending on what was left she would also want to buy herself a beautiful house in the countryside with a huge garden- she has a tiny garden at the moment and it is one thing I she in need of especially because she has a very active 3 year old!

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries would buy a street of houses for her family. All the children are really close.

Naomi from Not a Perfect Parent would also  clear her debts.  She’d pay off the mortgage on her flat (she would still keep it but rent it out for income for her daughter for the future), then buy them a large house that would have to have an indoor swimming pool and a huge garden!  She’d also like a decent holiday abroad, and, finally she would pay for her other half’s family to come over so they could see them and they could finally meet their granddaughter!

Kirsty from Life With Boys would  finally get into property; it was always her dream to buy, renovate and sell (too many Property Ladder episodes when I was younger) – that, and a house abroad – constant sun!

Niki from Play & Learn Everyday would definitely travel more, show the kids the world and learn about different cultures.  Maybe a trip around the world!

Josie from Business for Mums would found a charity which focused on preserving British horse breeds.

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids would buy a house.  Winning the lottery is about the only way she would ever achieve that dream anyway!

Idrina from Wave to Mummy would pay off her mortgage.  Then she thinks she’d buy a holiday home in Finland (her native country) and maybe a couple of swish apartments in different cities across the world (maybe at least Paris and New York).  She’d then put them up on Air B&B for all the time she wouldn’t need them and visit them occasionally.  That would take off a few million so her winnings would possibly by then have been depleted, but she thinks she could probably live off the rental income and still travel the world on school holidays… (Idrina has really thought this through).

LOVE LOVE LOVE all these dreams ladies!  I wish we could make them all a reality!!!

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