Elf on the Shelf-Day 18 (With Added Festive Panto-ness!)

WARNING: There are more video’s than paragraphs in this blog!


Today, the elves brought the laptop back from the North Pole they took their last night, with video messages on from Santa (via the PNP app).

As warned, there are LOTS of videos (partly because I only wanted to video the important bits, and also because I wasn’t sure my rubbish phone would record both 6 minute videos without filling up on storage!).


So there you go!  They were both thrilled with their messages-and even more thrilled that they’re both on the Nice List!!!!


This afternoon, in keeping with the festive excitement, we went to the Theatre Royal in Margate to see Peter Pan!!!!  It’s one of Olivia’s favourite films, so we knew this was the perfect one to take her to-as it’s also her first one!  Every year, myself, Kye and my mother in law go, but this year, my husband, father in law, and Olivia joined us!

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If you know Olivia, you’ll know she’s a rather “challenging” child, and couldn’t even sit through Kye’s school play the other day for half an hour, so, knowing this panto was over 2 hours, we were a little concerned.
She didn’t fuss once.  She was in awe  of all the singing and dancing, and got into all the heckling and yelling at the cast on stage.
The very lovely Jan from the theatre managed to get one of the cast to give the children a shout out too-including a nod to the fact it was Olivia’s first Panto!


All in all, a lovely afternoon with the family, and I’m actually really sad to be sending Kye to school tomorrow, because the hubs is now off until after Christmas, it just feels wrong to not have Kye home too!

Counting down now to Wednesday!!!!!


Until Tomorrow……. Night night Elf-ers!

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