The Full Monty

The Full Monty~The Marlowe Theatre

Last night I attended the Press Night for The Full Monty at The Marlowe Theatre.  Originally produced at Sheffield Theatres, this show by Simon Beaufoy, manages to aptly capture every scene from the original screenplay perfectly.

If you haven’t seen the original movie, the story starts off in Sheffield in the 70’s, and tells the story of six unemployed men.  From different backgrounds and with different life stories, they decide to form a male stripper act, to make money for their individual needs and reasons.

The six main characters are joined by a strong supporting cast-each one bringing the humour and emotion, we remember from the original story.

Main Cast

The Full Monty

Gary Lucy as ‘Gaz’


Gary Lucy
, plays ‘Gaz‘, a former steel worker, and father to Nathan, struggling to find the money for child support payments, so he can continue to see his son.

Gaz’s backstory offers some of the most emotional scenes we see during the show, and Gary plays each scene, regardless of the type of emotion or humour, with ease and poignancy.

Nathan‘ was played by Reiss Ward, and oh my, that boy was amazing!  The Mummy in me took a little time to get past the fact the other characters consistently swore in front of him, but he played the character with such confidence and certainty, I quickly relaxed and enjoyed his personal story.
Nathan is so torn, having overheard conversations between his Father, Mother and Stepfather, he’s worried he won’t be able to see his Dad anymore.  His love for spending time with him is tainted by never doing anything he deems as “fun”.  His joy is restored when he helps his Dad start ‘The Full Monty’ up, and he eventually becomes the only sensible person Gaz will listen to when he has second thoughts about actually dancing.

The Full Monty

Kai Owen as ‘Dave’

Gaz’s best friend, ‘Dave‘, is played by Kai Owen.  A larger man, his story tells of his struggles to conceive with his partner, Jean.  His body confidence is low, and his marital life is suffering because of this.  Jean’s love for him, and how he looks, gives him the confidence to be part of ‘The Full Monty’, and Kai portrays every emotion fittingly, enabling the audience to fall a little in love with him themselves.


The Full Monty

Louis Emerick as ‘Horse’

Louis Emerick plays ‘Horse‘, an older and slightly less mobile member of the troupe. Horse has an arthritic hip, but this only adds to his own style of smooth moves, and never deters from his enthusiasm.  Limping on for his first scene during the auditions for the stripping troupe, the audience’s excitement and elation when he starts dancing are delightful to witness.


The Full Monty

Andrew Lewis as ‘Lomper’


Anthony Lewis plays ‘Lomper‘, a bumbling wreck of a young man.  From the get go, we see how utterly desperate he has become in life, choosing to commit suicide because he’s so unhappy.  Thankfully, the scene in which he follows through with the choice to hang himself, is done humorously (even if there were gasps from the audience when he actually did it!).  Personally one of my favourite characters, Andrew plays Lomper’s scenes with ease, never failing to draw us in to the emotion he’s portraying.



The Full Monty

Andrew Dunn as ‘Gerald’


Andrew Dunn plays ‘Gerald‘, the oldest member of the troupe.  His wife, doesn’t know he hasn’t had a job for 6 months, and she thinks he leaves for work everyday, rather than going to ‘The Job Club’.  Her spending on his credit cards, shopping, booking holidays etc, means he is probably the most desperate to find a job, and when the boys scupper his chances of a new career (that gnome scene was just hilarious), he decides to join the younger members of the club and be part of ‘The Full Monty’.

The Full Monty

Chris Fountain as ‘Guy’


Chris Fountain plays ‘Guy‘, a confident, well endowed funny, young man who joins the troupe last, but last definitely doesn’t mean least in this case.  His presence on stage, and his care and compassion for Lomper during their only private scene together, melted the audiences heart.  (He also had me personally believing he was going to run up that wall and make the flip!)


‘That scene’ the whole audience waits for is just amazing.  I watched as smiles-genuine smiles-crept onto each face of the cast in front of me.  Their friendships and enjoyment in those stolen seconds when they catch each others eye, even up until the curtain call when they’re giggling and chatting to each other as they bow and listen to the audiences applause, is pretty adorable.

The Full Monty

Photo taken from The Marlowe Theatre Website-Cast Members

Stripping aside (even though that happened to be one of my favourite ‘parts’), the stories of each character, are told with perfect emotion and sentiment.

The actors and supporting cast members consistently kept the audience invested in their stories.  You felt genuine happiness and sadness when something moving happened (and for a couple of minutes towards the end, I genuinely did forget I was supposed to be making notes and reviewing this show).

The Full Monty, is still on tour-check out where you can see it, here!



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Pride and Prejudice at The Marlowe Theatre-Review


Last night, I was invited to the press night for Pride and Prejudice at the Marlowe Theatre.  Originally a Regent’s Park open air theatre play, the show has three weeks left of its tour, playing another four days in Canterbury, before moving on to Liverpool, Newcastle and Cardiff. Tickets are available here for The Marlowe Theatre and here for the other venues and dates.


Upon entering the grand auditorium of the Marlowe Theatre, the audience were met with a large structure on the stage.
From the very first scene, we were enlightened to what the structure was; a rotating scene changing creation, that enabled different scenes of the play to be altered without having to change an entire stage of props.
Cast members regularly stayed in the background, changing the few props at the back half of the stage, while main cast members kept the audience captivated with their clear and precise dialogue.

Acoustically, this dialogue is obviously helped by the Marlowe’s beautiful auditorium, but the cast themselves played a massive part in getting the audience to absorb the recitation of this well known story.

Moving on to the cast, the focus is immediately on Mrs  Bennet, played by the always resplendent Felicity Montagu.  Felicity brings out every ounce of drama and self absorbed hilarity, Mrs Bennett radiates.

Her relationship with poor Mr Bennet, played by TV legend Matthew Kelly, is acted perfectly; their tumultuous marriage, and his tolerance and desperation of her dramatics are constantly evident.  Felicity and Matthew, have a near perfect comedic timing, making the audience question whether there are two better people to work alongside each other in these two roles.

Their daughters, Mary, Jane, Kitty, Lydia, and Elizabeth, played by Leigh Quinn, Hollie Edwin, Anna Crichlow, Mari Izzard and Tafline Steen, play their individual characters with ease.

Mary and Kitty, even with their smaller roles, still have great humorous lines (and looks) throughout, and the wild child Lydia, easily shocked the audience, with her sudden change of character when she married the equally wild Mr Wickham, played by Daniel Abbott.

Daniel plays the role of Mr Wickham in the charming way the character is portrayed in the original text.  A charm that Mr Darcy definitely doesn’t have.
It is no wonder In that case, why we saw Jane initially assume she had stronger feelings for Mr Wickham.

Jane and Elizabeth are the closest of the sisters-both living for each others happiness, and their devotion to one another is a constant throughout the play.

When Jane finally becomes betrothed to Mr Bingley, the gracious contentment Elizabeth has for her sisters good fortune is played out beautifully, and, throughout the play, Mr Bingley, played by Jordan Mifsud, becomes a firm favourite with the audience.
His alternative methods of thought, and the excitement he has during every task he undertakes makes him effortlessly endearing.

Tafline, who plays Elizabeth could not be more perfect for her role.  Her quick wit, dry humour, sarcasm and relationship with her family, mirror my own, and, although I cannot hope to have the pure English-rose beauty Tafline possesses, her portrayal of this head strong confident character, is enough to make any independent young lady, look to her as their heroine.

Her strong relationship with her family, does not mirror the initial meeting with Mr Darcy, and their affiliation with one another is constantly turbulent and heated.

Ben who plays Mr Darcy, towers above his cast members, and, with his stern, brooding features, he plays the character with ease and poignancy.

The moment the audience had been waiting for showed us a new side to both characters.  Mr Darcy softened and allowed his love to rule over his terseness,  closely followed by Elizabeth admitting to her own feelings, following the kiss, both of which had the audience gasping and cooing over the romance and beauty of the scene.

Of course, Elizabeth could have had a very different life, had she chosen the interestingly eccentric Mr Collins.
Played by Steven Meo, a massive compliment has to go out to his portrayal of, let’s face it, a complete sleazeball!

For an actor to have the ability to not only make an audience cringe at the dialogue and mannerisms a character has, but to also have an excitement surround them every time they come onto the stage, is a massive talent to have-and his relationship with the unfortunate Charlotte Lucas, played by Francesca Bailey, showed us the awkwardness surrounding a relationship with this man.

Additionally to the above cast members and their incredible acting throughout, a special nod has to go to Kirsty Rider who plays the incredibly desperate Caroline Bingley.
Her affections for Mr Darcy, and her distaste for the Bennett family, are genuinely hilarious.  Even her facial expressions during scenes where she had no dialogue had the audience in hysterics.

It was also a thrill to see Dona Crook As Lady Catherine De Bourgh, and  Charlotte Palmer as Mrs Gardiner.  

Lady Catherine’s stuck up, displeasure towards Elizabeth made her the villain of the play-something Dona revelled in at the end, when she came on to the curtain call jeering the crowd into booing her.

Mrs Gardiner, although the sister of Mrs Bennet, thankfully was anything like her sibling.  Although she is supportive of her sisters self made stresses, she couldn’t be more different in personality.
A sweet lady, who adores her nieces, we can label her the wannabe Cilla Black of Jane Austen novels, in her attempt to make Elizabeth realise her feelings for Mr Darcy, when they visited Pemberley together.
Ending the show was a perfect letter scene, where the characters shared their good fortune with other members of their family.
The movement from the many members of cast, was once again, fluid and faultless, as it had been throughout.

Lights descended from above the stage, the actors took their places for the curtain call, and they were met with an incredible reception of applause (and lots of whooping).

In conclusion, this is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen, and the amazing evening was made complete, when I got to catch up with some of the cast after the show, who were all genuinely lovely.


Big Thanks to the especially lovely, Ben Dilloway and Tafline Steen (Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet), for indulging me in a photo (for blog purposes obviously!)

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The Snowman at The Marlowe Theatre


Last night I attended the Press Night for the opening of The Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s Production of The Snowman at The Marlowe Theatre.


For those that don’t know much about The Snowman or for those that have never heard of it, here’s a little synopsis for you of the original book by Raymond Briggs.

The Boy builds a snowman on a winter’s day.  That night, at the stroke of midnight, The Snowman comes to life. They go around playing with appliances, toys and other things throughout the house, all while keeping quiet enough not to wake the boy’s Mum and Dad.
They then go for a ride on a motorbike where they see many animals.  The engine heat affects the insides of the Snowman’s thighs, and so they find him a freezer to cool off in. Later they take flight, over the ocean.  
They continue through an arctic landscape and land in a snow-covered forest where they join a party of snowmen.
They meet Santa with his reindeer, who gives The Boy a scarf with a snowman pattern.
The morning after they get back, the sun has come out and The Boy wakes up to find The Snowman has melted. The Boy reaches into his pocket and finds The Snowman scarf given to him by Santa.

As a child, I watched this every Christmas-it was a tradition in our house.  Little did I know I’d be reviewing the stage production of it 20 years later.IMG_8743


From the second I entered the auditorium, the festive backdrop on the stage already
evoked those Christmas memories, and, with the constant winter snow scenes, the Christmas tree in the house, and  familiar music, I left full of the festivity I had only a month ago.


The first half of the show, got off to a slightly slow start, but it can’t have been slow for long, because I don’t remember the point I was suddenly sucked into the festive excitement along with the rest of the audience.

The beautiful carol singers, The Boy building the Snowman (that for a little while had me questioning if it was going to move or not because it had stayed so still for so long)!  The scenery, that seemed to change the entire feel of the stage, with just one simple backdrop screen behind the constant wintry trees, and the props that were changed with ease and speed created perfect festive settings for each scene.

The absolutely awesome boys who play The Boy, had me in awe-the stamina and talent these children have is admirable.

The Snowman himself, was hilarious.  The fact someone can portray humour and emotion while not speaking is incredible, and the ability he had to keep up with all of the dances and dancers around him, dressed in what I can only assume was a ridiculously hot Snowman suit, just shows how talented he is

This does lead me nicely on to the music.  Although compliments go to all dancers and actors, the real emotion is evoked from the power of the music.

I was thrilled to hear prior to this event, that the Howard Blake, who, 34 years ago wrote the original music and lyrics for the to feature film of The Snowman, did the same for this stage production.

Even more thrilling was the opportunity to meet and speak to Howard in person during the interval.  A thoroughly humble and gentle man, he seemed genuinely happy to discuss the show, mentioning that they’ve now done so many shows in this tour so far, Hannah Flynn, who plays Scotty Snowman, has danced as Scotty for 1000 shows!

Obviously, the most famous of all of the music in this show is “Walking In The Air“. There’s just something about that song that gives me goosebumps, and, with the Snowman and The Boy wired up enabling them to fly across the stage, it’s clearly one of the most iconic moments in this production.

Additionally to this part though, there are so many other moments that left me open mouthed.

The various animals, with their beautiful costumes, dancing in perfect synchronisation, the beautiful ballets performed by the Ballerina, the Ice Princess and Jack Frost (who did a beautiful job of being scary-the majority of the children in front of me jumped when he came on).  The timing The Boy had when dancing with his peers, the “dance off” with all the different snowmen, and, let’s face it, the moment Santa came on and brought us so much joy while we watched him dance in front of us.

That same rush of joy we felt, turned to utter heartbreak when we saw The Boy discover his Snowman had melted, and, shortly after, as the last scene concluded, the sheer elation, from, lets face it, more adults than children, at the magical snow that fell around us-making it the perfect way to end this beautiful show.


I’ve come away from this production, holding dear those festive feelings, that evoked so many of my childhood memories, in the hope they will see me through until next Christmas.



If you get the opportunity to go and see this-do!  It’s perfect for children and adults of all ages!  The Snowman is on NOW until the 22nd of January at The Marlowe Theatre.



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Today I’m Thankful For #2

Good Morning!

I’ve had to double up on the thankful blog today-as I was too ill to blog yesterday during the day, and out at a press event yesterday evening.
So……today (and yesterday) I am thankful for;

My Bed
I was literally in it all day yesterday.  Trying to gain some energy or rid myself of some of these horrible symptoms of my yukky cold, before heading to the theatre for a press event last night.

My husband
Even though he feels rough too (and today is literally in the same position I was in yesterday), my husband pretty much gave up his day off yesterday, to have Olivia downstairs with him, to allow me to rest, and picking up and putting away the food shopping yesterday morning, leaving me stress free and relaxed to try and get better.


People who step up
This one is probably the most important-and more of an ongoing thankfulness really.

It’s dedicated to those select few, that, regardless of whether they have been given jobs, such as-maid of honour/godparent etc, they still step up and be those things.
I am so grateful for those that bother with my children, even though they’re not duty bound to, and those that are truly there for me and my family, regardless of whether they were given a role to do so.  You put others, who were supposed to step up, to shame.

My Job
Yes you read that-my job. Because what I do, to me, constitutes a job. It’s what I want to do, it’s what I love to do, and quite frankly it’s what I’m bloody good at!

I tire of having to explain to people why it is classed as a job, when they question how “easy” it is.

I love it, I work hard at it, and actually, the opportunities I get from it make the tiresome questions and constant explanations worth it.


That’s all for today folks.

Remember to join in with what you’re thankful for over on social media, tagging me, and using the hashtag #MFBthankful, or on here using the comments section at the bottom of the page.



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The (not big, not fat) Quiz of the year- 2016/2017

So my lovely friend Alex over at Better Together Home, tagged me in her quiz over at her blog (go see her answers here!)

I do love a quiz, as most of my friends and family will know, so one about my blog and personal life, is right up my street.

As mentioned in 365 Days of Mayflower Blogs, 2016 for me (and a lot of others), was up and down to say the least!

Blog wise, it was really successful.  I met a lot of lovely people, and have had (and am still having) a lot of amazing opportunities come my way!
Personally, it was a mixed bag.  Money issues, a family death, and attempts to manage my mental health issues, often made the year feel pretty rubbish.  But the things I managed to achieve professionally, therefore affecting me personally, made the year actually pretty good!

So, here goes with this “Not big, not fat-quiz of the year 2016/2017”, complete with highlights from last year, and goals for this year!


What was your highlight of 2016?

Professionally-it has to be the nomination from Tommy’s for their Mums Voice Award.  It just brought together, everything I’ve ever done, for the reason I do it.  I blog to make a difference, and to help people feel less alone in what they’re going through, that I’ve already been through-so to be recognised in even just a nomination for those reasons was (and still is) amazing.

Personally-my husband’s 30th celebrations, and my 30th celebrations.  I put so much effort into making his so special, and thankfully he did the same for mine.  Alongside friends and family, we had such a special time (6 months apart), and I’ll never forget that.

Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

London.  Not just in general, but accomplishing what I thought was the impossible.  Battling through an anxiety attack on the train to the city.  Trying to curb the rising panic building in me when I arrived at my first London press event, into a room with tons of people I didn’t know, attempting to ignore the social anxiety issues, that usually plague me on a regular basis.
2016 was the year, my mental illnesses didn’t beat me on one of the most important days of my life.


Sum up 2016 in one word



Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry through 2017

We all have to start from somewhere!  Granted, this was a pearl of wisdom I realised myself at the latter part of 2016.  After a couple of meetings and events, I realised all of the people I was meeting, all started from the same place-the start.
When I’m asking those who have more years than me of writing, advice on how to do something for my beginners blog, I would hope they would remember, they were a beginner once, and they didn’t learn it all themselves!


Do you have any new year resolutions?
Nope!  I don’t do resolutions anymore.  I don’t diet on the 1st of January, I don’t stop doing things on the 1st of January, because, I feel, if you’re willing to quit doing something on that day, you should’ve quit it a week before, or half way through the year.
Goals are a different thing, as are dreams.  I aim for those rather than keeping resolutions.


How did you see in the new year?
How I always do, how I probably will for a while yet!  Indoors, in my pyjamas, eating cheese and chocolate, watching random tv, then asleep by midnight!  My children aren’t the sort that go to bed late so wake up late-they wake at the same time no mater what time they go to sleep!  So there’s no way I risk being a Mombie on New Years Day, because I wanted to watch fireworks over Big Ben live on the TV (we tape it and watch it with the kids the next day-we do the countdown ‘n’ everything!)
What are your main goals for 2017?
Personally-continue to manage my anxiety and other mental health issues.  Try and save some pennies, and treat the kids (and us) more.
Professionally-really get myself out there and noticed.  Work hard to help others, and try and make a difference, in any way I can.

Aaaaaaand, thats a wrap folks!  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Big Loves


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365 Days of Mayflower Blogs



The end of 2016 is finally here, and I know most people will be happy to see the back of it.
I feel like the news has been full of celebrity deaths, terrorism and crazy politics (let’s not go into Brexit or Donald Trump).



For me, in this “end-of-year blog”, I’m focusing on my personal and work life.  It’s been a busy old few months for me and Mayflower Blogs, and I thought it a perfect time to round up on the last 365 days!

Professional highlights;

~Becoming a media and website volunteer for The Miscarriage Association.  Those roles give me more of a chance to make a difference, and to help others in what they’re going through.
The Miscarriage Association help so many women get through what is possibly the worst experience of their lives.  I’m proud to work alongside them, and, their constant support and help with my experiences, are something I will never forget or take for granted.


~The Mummy He Used To Know was one of the most read of my posts this year, and actually one of The Miscarriage Association’s favourites!



~In October I decided to buy my own website, and start my blog up again with my .com name.  It was a risk, but it paid off, and the success from it has just been amazing since taking the plunge!

~Last month I attended my first London Press Event, with the lovelies from Yours Clothing, and, although I battled through an anxiety attack on the way there (which you can read about here-My Date in London, with Anxiety), they all made me feel super welcome, and I am so grateful for opportunities like that.

I then had a meeting with another lovely lady from The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury within a week of the London event, and, after showing her my work and explaining my reasons behind blogging, I’m now going to be invited to press events at the theatre too.


As I said to both of those companies, during both the meeting, and event in London, I haven’t been doing this for long.  A year and a half seriously, but I’ve been really busy this last 6 months, with lots of reviews, blog posts and campaigns, I am still technically a beginner-and beginners all start from the same place.  We all need a starting chance and companies to showcase our work off to, and we build from there!  If no one ever gave you a chance, you’d get no where-so I thank everyone I’ve worked with in the past, and that I’m scheduled to work with in the future, for that!

TA17 individual logos WEB sheet v02


~A massive positive, and an amazing Christmas present, was being nominated for the Tommy’s Mums Voice Award (you can see how to vote for me here-Mayflower Blogs has BIG news!)

To be honest, this is really the most amazing thing that has happened this year, not just because it’s a nomination for an award, but because of the reason I’ve been nominated.

As previously mentioned, my reasons behind blogging are to make a difference.  Not like global world peace kind of difference-I wouldn’t profess to be so powerful!

5 years ago-I started on a journey that would see me battle through not just losing three babies, but a lonely, devastating time, with no aftercare from medical professionals who were supposed to help me, and mental health issues that came from the trauma I’d been through.
Those days, the darkest, worst days, inspired me to write about my issues, to stop the stigma attached to mental health issues, to start making a change for women who have been through the same as me.  Mainly though, to make just one person,who was feeling as alone as i felt, feel less alone,
To be nominated for an award for those reasons, mean more to me than anything else.
I will continue on that journey, attempting to make a difference, regardless of the outcome of the awards in March.


Personally, the year has been full of up and downs (life seems to always be like that though!)
~The usual money worries, exacerbated by our car failing it’s MOT on 13 parts the month before Christmas, and my husband having issues at work really got us down for a bit. We’re so grateful for our family’s help in these horrible times.

The same old school run dramas, that have finally settled down, after I had a massive social media clear-out, and found a new frame of mind with regards to what/who got to me and what/who didn’t, have made me a stronger person-I’m actually so grateful for things like this, because they teach me what’s important, and what to focus my energy on!


~In June I lost my Uncle to Bowel Cancer, and in all honesty, this was probably the worst part of the year.  It all happened so fast-one day he was being diagnosed, then starting chemo, then suddenly he’s being rushed into hospital for an emergency operation and ends up on life support.  He never regained consciousness, and, holding his hand, I sat at his bedside while the machines were switched off and he went to join his parents in heaven.  This was, once again, something I learnt from and something I battle through daily, but something I will never ever regret.

~As usual,  my children continue to make me proud, and excel in all they do-they’re always the reason I am who I am.  I imagine without them, life would be a much quieter duller place, and I think I’d not have as much motivation for things if they weren’t here to give me a reason to get up each day.
My son, currently in his last year of infant school, is just amazing at pretty much everything.  He’s not perfect, he’s got his mothers temper on him sometimes, but the majority of the time, he’s amazing.
His sister, our little rainbow, continues to copy her brother in all he does-and, although her temperament is nothing like his, her mind, and abilities are just the same.  She starts nursery next week, and, although my anxiety is through the roof, thinking she isn’t ready, I’m sure, as usual, she’ll prove me wrong and flourish, just as her brother did.  (If not, well, at least I’ll have some blog material!)

~A massive mention in this blog, has to go to my Husband.  His IMG_7038constant support, love and faith in me has literally known no bounds this last year, especially in this last few months.  He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and I’m able to talk through any issues or concerns I have, professionally or personally, and know he will always think I can do anything.  He says he’s proud of me, and, although I don’t take compliments easily, this means more to me than he’ll ever know.

~For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like I am making people proud.  Of course, there’s still some who don’t see what I’m doing as a “proper job”, or see me failing or giving in, but those are the people that don’t matter to me.  The people the do matter, are the family, and friends, that see how hard I work, how much passion I have for what I do, that see the talent I have for writing, that mean the most to me.
I think I’ve finally realised who is there for me, and who will always be there for me.  I will continue on my journey with that in mind, and not make too much space in my head for thinking of the ones that don’t deserve my time.

Professionally, I’m just going to continue with what I’ve been doing!!!!  I’ve enjoyed everything with the blog so far, and I’ve worked really hard the last 6 months to get it to be as successful as it currently is.  As long as it never becomes a chore, or something that takes me away from my family, I’m going to enjoy it!  I don’t have resolutions, they’re just too much pressure-I’ll just take each day, and each blog post as they come, and enjoy whatever comes my way this year.

, less sadness and stress, and more money and happiness would be lovely!  But once again, without control of what happens each day I can only live it, learn from it, and move on from it.
I hope to be able to manage my anxiety and depression a little better, and with my littlest Mayflower starting nursery next Tuesday, I think I’ll have a good go at battling them sooner rather than later!
With the support I have from those closest to me though, I know I’m in good company no matter what 2017 throws at me!

Whatever your goals/resolutions/wishes are for your 2017, I hope you’re happy, healthy (and stick with me through it all too!)

Much Love and A Happy New Year to you all,
Signing off for 2016,
Mrs Mayflower

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Yours Clothing-Test a Tattoo


Yesterday I attended a champagne breakfast, hosted by Yours Clothing, to introduce their new web app, “Test a Tattoo”!IMG_7705

The breakfast was held in Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in London, and I arrived, stupidly, but not unusually for me, early for the 9am start.



I was shown into the most beautiful room, with a massive array of plants, and the most charming selection of mixed fabric chairs, around a set, intimate table ready for myself and our fellow bloggers arrival.IMG_7734


After a rather shaky start when I was asked to choose a chair, and I may as well have been asked to choose the last box in a game of Deal Or No Deal, I found my seat, and, after being handed a glass of champagne, awaited the arrival of the other guests.




IMG_7737Soon we had all arrived, and set about eating the glorious breakfast food laid out on the buffet table at the end of the room.

While we ate, we shared stories of our personal lives, discussing everything from tattoos (obviously), to Disney films, and Netflix series.



Shortly after we were joined by a special guest speaker-Barbara from Parlour Tattoo in Shoreditch*.
Barbara started tattooing at a young age, practising at first, on her friends, family (and4B1C7120 sometimes herself!).  6 years into being a professional tattooist now, she holds classes to teach and inspire the future generation of tattooists.


During the morning, Barbara handed round her book of artwork, which were jam packed with the most amazing drawings, she’d designed herself.  We then took turns flicking through the pages, jumping with excitement every time we saw a character or design that we loved.  It’s very lucky Barbara hadn’t decided to come and actually tattoo any of us there and then, because we’d all have come away covered!

We then got the opportunity to design our own tattoos, and upload them to the app.4B1C7241
Now as my close friends and family will know, I’m not even slightly artistic.  I did the best I could-which really wasn’t good enough to be honest!!!
Barbara then did some drawings on a couple of the ladies in the room, and we got to witness for our own eyes, the talent she has during creating her artwork.


The Test-a-Tattoo app itself is super easy to use-there are instructions throughout-and the basis of it, is that it allows consumers to “test drive” a tattoo before actually going to get one.
Tattoo’s are a life long commitment, and the amount of people that go and get one without thinking it through properly are far higher than you’d think!

So the app is designed to make you “Think Before You Ink“!
You can basically design your own tattoo, whether that be on paper with your own free hand (if you’re more artistic than me), or using some of the templates and tools in the app itself (if you’re as artistically challenged as me).  You then upload it onto the site app, position it and save it.  You can even share it via social media with your friends and family.

Why not give it a go, click here on the Test a Tattoo link and create your tattoo today!





*To find out more about Barbara and the amazing tattoos she creates, click here.


Thanking Rebecca from Distilled for the invite to the press event, Rosie from Yours Clothing for the awesome goody bag, and Leonie for the photos she took during the morning!



Also thanking Alex from Better Together Home for being my blogging personality twin yesterday-it’s always good to click with someone at these events!


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