Elf on the Shelf-Day 24, The Last Day!

Today marks the final day of our elves and their antics!  Tonight they’ll go back to the North Pole to help Santa with the big night, and, hopefully, they’ll be back next December 1st!

The children woke to find a Christmas Eve box this morning!  Inside (as you’ll see from the photo and video), were, matching pyjamas, a snowman bath bomb for tonight’s bath, a hot chocolate sachet each, a festive cuddly each, reindeer food to sprinkle outside tonight, a personalised plate for Santa’s goodies, a light up snowman each, so that Santa can find their rooms in the dark, and their special “T’was The Night Before Christmas” book they have every year.


This morning, after the festive goodbye gifts from the elves, we went out for our annual Christmas Eve Breakfast with my husband’s family, and the children were so super well behaved-it’s almost like they were trying to impress someone…..not sure who though!



Fast forward to this evening, and before their baths, they made sure the magic food for the reindeer was sprinkled over the front of the house, and left Santa and his reindeer treats out on the plate they were given this morning.


Then, after a lovely bath with their snowman bath bomb, they dressed in their new matching pyjamas, and settled down with me (yep that’s a Moomin tshirt-thats how I roll), to read their annual festive book.


Here’s a little slideshow of the end of the evening for my very excited children!!!!!  Pyjamas, goodnight cuddles, and excited faces in bed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just before bedtime, they said goodbye to their elves, and it was just too adorable not to share!

So that’s that!   Mummy and Daddy have brought all the presents downstairs, and tomorrow, they will wake to find, Santa has been, filled their stockings and left them presents.  (For your eyes only, here’s a sneak peak).


That’s it from me, and my Blogmas Elf Antic Posts.  Thank you for reading every day, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!!  (See you the day after Boxing Day, for a Christmas festivities round-up, and probably a lot more photos).


Until Then, Thank You, and Goodnight!


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Elf on the Shelf-Day 23

Good Morning Elf Fans!

So today marks the penultimate day of our Elves mischief making!  Tonight they will leave all the things the children need for Christmas Eve, and a letter saying goodbye.
We’ve already had sad faces from Olivia when we explained they would need to go back to help Santa, so I’m unsure how tomorrow evening will go!

This morning however, the children woke to find the elves playing with finger puppets!!!









They’ve had a lovely morning playing with them!  Kye does a very good impression of Santa!!!


So!  That’s it from the “normal” antics!  Tomorrow’s will be a later blog post, because I’ll be adding the reaction video from the morning, plus a video of them leaving their things out for Santa, and saying goodbye to Jingles and Jangles.  I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be emotional!

Until tomorrow-lots of love Elf fans!

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Elf on the Shelf-Days 21 & 22 (and pig-gate!)

Good Afternoon!!!

Massive huge apologies for not blogging about our elves antics yesterday!

I’ve been a little under the weather, and had to go out late last night with my Mother-In-Law, to get my Christmas food!!!  I didn’t get in until late, and once it was all unpacked, put away and I managed to drag myself to bed, it was just too late to write up the days events!

Anyway, nothing will be missed in today’s blog, and, starting with Day 21 (Tuesday) this is what the children woke up to!


The video reaction to this one was only small (quite like the antic really)-but they’ve just had so many treats and crazy mornings, we thought we’d dull them down a tad for the last few days, especially as Christmas Eve is always a massive one!

Moving on to Day 22 (today), and my lovely husband was already setting this one up while I was shopping last night.  Its entitled Elves Do Jurassic Park, and he was super proud of himself!



As you can see from the following video, the children pretty much loved this one, although the moment was overshadowed slightly by Olivia, and her pet pig (see below for the story behind the pig).


So, back to the pig…….
Yesterday, the hubs went shopping first thing to get my Christmas presents, and on his way back, needed to grab a couple of things from the shop.  He called me to ask if I wanted a special Christmas themed sandwich, consisting of pigs in blankets and stuffing.  I said no thank you, but he didn’t hear because of his signal, so instead I text him.  During the messaging the children questioned me on what Daddy had wanted on the phone, so I quickly filled them in.  Except Olivia either didn’t listen, or completely misheard, because she convinced herself that Daddy was bringing her home a pet pig for Christmas!

She even waited at the front door, full of excitement, asking him if he’d got her pig.  We had to explain to him why she thought that was happening, and he had to let her down as gently as possible.  She looked so sad when she realised he wasn’t bringing her one, AND me and Kye found it hysterically funny.
Fast forward to last night, pre-food shop, and I nipped to the toy shop and bought a toy pig.  This morning, Daddy redeemed himself by giving her the pig, and as you can see from a very special video reaction below, she was thrilled!


So that’s all that’s been happening here over the last two days, all quite normal (pig-gate aside).
Tonight is the last normal antic before the Christmas Eve box etc gets left, how crazy is that!  Only two more Elf Blogmas blogs to go!!!!
So tonight we’re leaving festive puppets out for the children-they love puppets and role play, so I’m really looking forward to this one!


Until tomorrow, and our penultimate Elf on the Shelf Blog-Toodaloooooooo!

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Elf on the Shelf-Day 20

I cant believe its Day 20!!!  Christmas is SO soon, and even sooner is the Elves return home-something I have not planned in the slightest this year!  Last year we did a North Pole Breakfast as their goodbye, but this year we’re going out for breakfast, so we have no idea what we’re going to do.

Last night however, the elves left some magic Skittles for the children to make Skittles rainbows with!

Kye had heard all about it at school, so he knew what to do-although I was still a little concerned something so simple wasn’t going to work…..but it did!

As you can see the children loved it!



Soon it was time for school,and Kye had been chosen to be in the school choir this morning, singing for the community coffee morning-he was soooo cute-and as a reward, his teacher let them have a biscuit….although, as you can see, he didn’t actually go with a biscuit!!! Anyway, as usual he made me super proud, and we’re completely on countdown for him to finish tomorrow now-just hoping this horrible norovirus going around won’t get him!



Anyway, there was me talking about not having any ideas for Christmas Eve, but I’ve got to find an idea for tonight first!!!!!


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Elf on the Shelf-Day 19

Soooooooo sorry this is such a late one!

After an afternoon consisting of a meeting in Canterbury, Mummy duties back home, then phone calls and rather irritating messages that threw me out this evening, I’m a little behind!!!

As I mentioned, I went to the beautiful town of Canterbury today, for a meeting with a lovely lady called Sarah, who works at the Marlowe Theatre.
I couldn’t resist a sneaky photo of the beautiful building as it came into view when I turned the corner!




Back to this morning……and the children woke to find Jingles and Jangles had left a gingerbread house for them to build!



Now, as you will see from the video below, I did say about making it once Kye had finishes school.  What I hadn’t planned on was being late home from my meeting, then having other things to do with the children that took priority!

So there’s no photo of a beautifully made gingerbread house tonight-because a) my children don’t make beautiful gingerbread houses anyway, and b) because we haven’t even started to make it!

So here’s the video of the children’s reaction from this morning-do note the unbelievably cute “Thank You’s” from Olivia!!!!

Tomorrow, the plan most definitely is to make the house!!!

And tonight, the elves are leaving Skittles, to make the Skittles Rainbow!!!!!

Come back tomorrow to see how that went (but lets not hold our breaths shall we….)


Until tomorrow……….Elf you laterrrrrrr

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Elf on the Shelf-Day 18 (With Added Festive Panto-ness!)

WARNING: There are more video’s than paragraphs in this blog!


Today, the elves brought the laptop back from the North Pole they took their last night, with video messages on from Santa (via the PNP app).

As warned, there are LOTS of videos (partly because I only wanted to video the important bits, and also because I wasn’t sure my rubbish phone would record both 6 minute videos without filling up on storage!).


So there you go!  They were both thrilled with their messages-and even more thrilled that they’re both on the Nice List!!!!


This afternoon, in keeping with the festive excitement, we went to the Theatre Royal in Margate to see Peter Pan!!!!  It’s one of Olivia’s favourite films, so we knew this was the perfect one to take her to-as it’s also her first one!  Every year, myself, Kye and my mother in law go, but this year, my husband, father in law, and Olivia joined us!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you know Olivia, you’ll know she’s a rather “challenging” child, and couldn’t even sit through Kye’s school play the other day for half an hour, so, knowing this panto was over 2 hours, we were a little concerned.
She didn’t fuss once.  She was in awe  of all the singing and dancing, and got into all the heckling and yelling at the cast on stage.
The very lovely Jan from the theatre managed to get one of the cast to give the children a shout out too-including a nod to the fact it was Olivia’s first Panto!


All in all, a lovely afternoon with the family, and I’m actually really sad to be sending Kye to school tomorrow, because the hubs is now off until after Christmas, it just feels wrong to not have Kye home too!

Counting down now to Wednesday!!!!!


Until Tomorrow……. Night night Elf-ers!

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Elf on the Shelf-Day 16


After not having anything planned once again, we ended up deciding, for last night’s elf on the shelf antics, to basically piss the kids off and get all their colouring books out, and let the elves wreck them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fast forward to this morning, and their little faces when they opened the door were priceless!  Olivia was VERY cross with Jangles!!!!!


Also today we went to see our beautiful boy in his last Christmas play at his current school!  He was AMAZING closing the show with his narrator lines!

We took his sister with us too so she could see her brother and she sang and danced along making everyone laugh (and then kicked off-making mummy and daddy annoyed-just to keep us on our toes!)

IMG_7842                              IMG_7844


Back to the elf business-we’re getting to the end of supplies a little now, not a large amount of treats left in the elf bag upstairs, and I’m running out of ideas of things to do!!!!!  With another 8 more antics to think up-I’m getting a little drained by the constant conversations between me and my husband about what we should do each night!

I need inspiration-so I’m off to find some ready for tonight’s antics!


Until tomorrow…… Elf Antic Finders-Away!

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Elf On The Shelf-Day 12-When The Elves Left Home.


So…… if you read yesterdays blog, you’d know all about yesterdays antics, and our plan for today’s.  Unfortunately, those plans are now on the back burner.

After an afternoon of my children tag teaming each other for the naughty step, and the attitude from my son up until the second he went to sleep, we made the decision to take the elves away for a night.15515971_10154102374861935_26426191_o

They left a note, explaining their reasons for leaving, but to be honest, there was no shock
when they came down this morning to find one letter, but no elves.


So there’s not going to be a reaction video today, even though their reactions weren’t horrendous, I just don’t see the point in it.


However, as I still came on here to write a blog as part of my Blogmas experience, I thought I may as well give you all something to read!


I really struggled with whether to actually even do a blog today-I thought maybe just briefly explaining the lack of elves today, tomorrow on day 13 would be OK.   The only reason I felt that way, was because I’ve read so many opinions from other Elf on the Shelf-ers, telling each other how they’re using their elves and the antics, the wrong way.

A lot of people are very adamant you shouldn’t use the elves as a punishment tool.  That you should use what you usually would, for punishment/discipline and do that instead.  The thing is, I’m up to my ears in reward charts, naughty step timers and punishment tools, I relish the thought of December the 1st coming so I have another weapon in my Mummy armoury!

Other things I’ve read on my Elf on the Shelf travels

  • Whether it’s OK the children touch the elves.
  • What to tell your children (or not to tell them) about why other children don’t have elves
  • When you should do the “North Pole Breakfast”
  • Which type of elf is the right one to use
  • When you should have the elves turn up
  • When you should have them leave
  • What they should leave when they go

The list is endless.


My point in all of this isn’t, how you do it, what you use to do it, it isn’t even why you do it-it’s who you do it for.

I do use mine to help my kids behave better, but, primarily it is a chance to spread some happiness and magic around my little family.  If my children aren’t grateful of that, and don’t behave to the standard I expect (which really isn’t that high-I’m not Mary fricking Poppins), then yes, I’ll use the elves as a punishment tool.

My children were told, the elves came to them from the North Pole, because they spend their year behaving to the best of their ability-this isn’t a lie!  This is why I do it, and your reasons may be different, you may do everything I do or nothing at all like I do, but the point is, its up to you.  It’s your family, it’s your memories.


Enjoy it, embrace it, love it and remember it.

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Elf on the Shelf-Day 11


Wow, what a morning!  

Aside from the large amount of washing I’ve got to do (thanks to the bedding being changed), it’s been a lovely relaxing morning of Christmas films and the children playing nicely.

Last night, while Daddy entertained the children downstairs, I (with lightning speed) went up and changed the children’s bedding to their Christmas duvets.  I put the new ones on, and then the normal ones over the top, the other way up, and the same with the pillowcases.  At 10, when me and hubs went to bed, we crept into their rooms, and, with ninja speed and teamwork, we pulled the duvets and pillowcases off, added an elf each to the end of the bed, and I quickly took pictures!  I was on edge, but it was actually quite easy!

IMG_7621         IMG_7620

This morning we got the best video reaction of Olivia literally just waking up, and just massively confused as to how she’d gone to bed with a Frozen duvet on, then woken with a Christmas one on!


Last year, the first person we videoed was Kye, because I went up to him first and he was still in bed.  This year however, Kye has been up since between 5 and 6 (I’m not happy about this obviously), and so he’d already seen his duvet change, over 2 hours before anyone else got up.  So this year, we videoed Olivia’s reaction instead and it was amazing!

I’ve also changed my bedding too (I always have to wait until the children’s ones are done), and I love my festive duvet set sooooo much!  It has the words to one of my favourite Christmas songs on, and I got it from Asda last year.  The cushion is from Poundland!!!  I couldn’t resist when I saw it matched!!!!



Tonight, we actually have a plan!!!!  We’re probably going to put some string around the house, for the elves to swing on, possibly attached to candy canes!  We must be mad!!!


Until tomorrow…….Elf you laterrrrr!

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Elf on the Shelf-Day 6


How are we almost a week into December already?!!!!  Soon it’ll be Christmas Eve, the elves will be going home, and all the effort, stress, and magic will be over!

So while we’re enjoying it and making the most of it, I spent a large part of my evening last night, cutting out tons of snowflakes out of paper!



The children came down this morning, and for the first time, they were a tad confused.  There were the usual excited screams, but it did take them a few minutes (plus a couple of trips to and from the kitchen in confusion, to realise what they’d been doing!

Today I had planned to have the elves leave the magic jelly beans that the children would plant in sugar to grow magic candy canes, but after a terrible day and some issues while shopping this morning, I don’t have the jelly beans now!

So instead, I’m going to leave a treat from the elves instead of more messy mischief!

Keep watching for more Elf related blogs each day! (And if you didn’t catch yesterday’s blog its here-Elf on the Shelf-Day 5!


Until tomorrow…..lots of elf love!

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