Netflix and Binge-What Are Your Favourites?

Forget Netflix and Chill, it’s all about Netflix and Binge!

During the last few months, I’ve managed to watch all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory over on Netflix, and am currently about to finish the entire five seasons of Homeland.

I really enjoy something I can not only get straight into, but not have to wait another week until the next episode.

The hubs is currently making his way through Prison Break-so often we’re watching two different binge shows at the same time-him on the TV and me on the iPad!

I usually go to my cousin Charlotte when I need new binge-watch ideas, (which is why I’ve ended up watching the above to programmes) but I decided this time round to ask some of my lovely blogger friends, their recommendations on binge-worthy series. Continue reading

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Teletubbies DVD Review

We were sent the new Teletubbies DVD from Sony to review!

As someone who actually watched Teletubbies the first time round, I couldn’t wait for my little lady to watch it too!  She’s seen it on CBeebies since the new series started, but she was so thrilled to have her own DVD of it!

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When I get things that the children love, to review, I always like the idea of having them review it rather than me.  So this time, that’s what we’ve done!

Olivia settled down on the big black chair to watch her DVD, then, when she’d binge watched the entire thing, and coloured the majority of the colouring book that came with it, I sat down to ask her some questions about what she just watched.

To conclude, Olivia’s favourite Teletubby is Po (the red one) because she has a scooter like Olivia.  She also loved the fact the scooter squeaked, and her favourite bit was when Dipsy went up, and down, and up and down!
She liked it when they shared the puddles to splash in, and remembered who shared with who.
She absolutely loved it, and has already asked when we can watch it again.
Additionally to that in depth review from my three year old, I would like to add some points from a parents point of view.  The DVD was really good. Highly educational, and the short, different episodes keep a small child, like Olivia, engaged and entertained without them becoming bored after a larger amount of time watching the same thing.

From the aspect of a parent who used to watch Teletubbies as a child, I’d like to add, it feels like nothing has changed, in a good way of course!  The same movements, no major changes to make it look too messed with, the same noises and character from each Teletubby, makes this a trip of nostalgia for those who watched it the first time around.

You can buy the new ..DVD from amazon HERE.


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