iPhone 8+

Non-Tech Review of the iPhone 8+ on Three

You may remember I reviewed the samsung Galaxy S8 a little while ago, and mentioned, that although I loved the phone, I’m not a convert to Android-my love still lies with Apple.

So when Three asked me if I wanted to review the iPhone 8+ I jumped at the chance!

iPhone 8+

On initial look, my current iPhone (the 6+) and this one, didn’t seem to have much in the way of differences.  They’re really similar in size, and the display is pretty much identical.

iPhone 8+

After switching the 8+ on, I noticed for starters, that the home button, wasn’t the same as the 6+.  Mine is a push button, whereas the 8+ is a touch button-and makes a click vibration when you put your finger on it.
Additionally, most options and apps seem a little more streamlined.

The biggest difference however, is definitely the camera.  As a blogger and vlogger, photos and videos are pretty much my life-so, when checking out the camera options, I fell in love with ‘Portrait’ mode-which basically focuses on the face you’re taking a picture of, and blurs out the rest of the background.
At Christmas, I took some beautiful photos of my family on it-and everyone commented on the quality of the pictures!

iPhone 8+ iPhone 8+  iPhone 8+

Now for the techy bit…..

As I’ve said before, I am very much not a tech blogger-I only really know the basics-so here are some tech details I’ve found for the iPhone 8+.

  • The iPhone 8+ comes in either 64gb or 256gb.
  • The measurements of the phone are; L 158.4mm, W 78.1mm, D 7.5mm.
  • It weighs just 202g (which is surprising because of the size of the phone!)
  • it has a 5.5 inch retina HD display.
  • It’s splash, dust and water resistant.
  • The camera is 12mp and has up to a 5x digital zoom.
  • It has 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps, 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps and 720p HD video recording at 30 fps.
  • It has a 7mp Facetime HD camera.
  • Like my 6+ it has a fingerprint sensor built in to the home button.
  • It also has a fast charge option-charging up to 50% in 30 minutes!
  • It operates with iOS11.
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My Verdict

I am IN LOVE with the iPhone 8+!  I rarely get excited over newer models of phone-when I upgrade I go one model up, but never any further than that.  However, when it’s time for me to upgrade next time, I’m definitely going to get this phone-for the camera alone!


Check out more information and spec details over on the Apple website HERE, and for deals on Three for the iPhone 8+, check out the Three website HERE!


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